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VIP Services

Presnell Sporting Collection has used its expertise, contacts, and purchasing power to identify inventory of unsurpassed outdoor experiences at the world’s top sporting destinations. In addition, Members have access to Exclusive VIP Services.


Membership in the Presnell Sporting Collection includes the priceless VIP Services exclusively designed for optimal Membership experience including global rescue, travel insurance, trophy insurance, firearm insurance, personal travel guides and professional filming.


Take advantage of our high end concierge that goes above and beyond traditional concierge services.

Global Rescue Insurance

Providing emergency global rescue insurance services and peace of mind for anytime you travel further than 160 miles from home. Whether on top of a mountain or an underwater cave or simply on the side of the road, global rescue insurance services are essential for worldwide security.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance lets you rest assured that your money spent will be reimbursed should there be a cancelation or disruption. Travel insurance benefits include trip Cancellation/Interruption, 24 Hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance, Pre-Existing Conditions waiver, and evacuation from anywhere in the world.

Trophy Insurance

This one-of-a-kind trophy insurance protection is based upon replacement cost for another trophy animal. Whether it’s a lion or Russian brown bear, our Trophy Insurance will provide the cost to replace.

Firearm Insurance

In the event of theft, loss or destruction we offer 24/7 firearm insurance coverage. Our firearm insurance protection is primary insurance and offers a full value, worldwide coverage.

Personal Travel Guides

Have personal travel guides dedicated to providing you with a safe, unique and unforgettable experience. Our guides will insure your trip will be a memorable and enjoyable one.

Professional Filming

Choice of professional filming photographer or videographer to capture the ambiance, detail and action from walks, stalks, and trophies. This opportunity will preserve your adventure for all posterity.

Guide and Outfitter Insurance

Browse our high end guide and outfitter insurance options and click below.

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