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Priceless benefits that exceed the cost of membership and provide the best destinations and services.

Benefits of Membership

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hunting trips, outdoor getaways, all inclusive vacations

We are Licensed and Bonded as a Seller of Travel in the requiring States.


Our financial Model is designed with no debt making your Membership Safe and Secure.

No Debt

Professional Guides

Availability of Professional Hunter (PH) accompanying trip.

Professional Filming

Availability to have your outdoor adventure Professionally Filmed.

Guest Flexibility

Travel with your choice of family, friends, key employees, customers or vendors.

If you would like to experience the World of Outdoor Sporting possibilities Presnell Sporting Collection is what you have been waiting for. A membership club that offers hassle free decisions.

Anxiety Free Services

Best Investment

The Presnell Sporting Collection is your Best Value membership option – better than owning your own property or single site club membership with high maintenance costs or annual dues and/or limited options to choose from.

Best Experiences

Benefit from preferred access to the Best Sporting Venues in the World.

Best Options

Members have the Best Options of selecting between Elite Sporting Traveler, Classic Sporting Traveler or Choice Sporting Traveler Venues for Big Game, Upland Game, Waterfowl, Salt Water and Fresh Water Fishing.

Best Access

Benefit from a Membership that gives you the best options of the Best Reservation times.

Benefit from Best Rates and Value for your Reservations.

Best Rates

Best Services

Benefit from the Best Services from Reservations and Lodges.

Best Guides

Along with best services, members benefit from the Best and most Experienced Guides.

Members can pass their Membership on to future generations, ensuring an unforgettable legacy.

Best Legacy

All Inclusive Destinations

Our sporting packages All Inclusive Destinations include everything needed to enjoy the experience – therefore avoiding annoying additional charges including game processing and shipping

Pictures and Videos

We provide pictures and/or videos of our destinations so you can be familiar and confident with where you are going.

Annual Dues

Conservative dues for less than other type clubs and at a fraction of Whole Ownership.

Personal Reservationist

A one on one personal reservationist who is a trained professional will assist in all Reservations and/or Membership questions.

Member Exchange & Hot List Inventory

In addition to a personal reservationist, members have the opportunity to trade a reservation that you may have to cancel and opportunities to access cancelled inventory from other Members or Venues at reduced pricing.

Members Only Website Section

A Members only section answering more questions than most Members would think to ask, such as gear list, weather, customs, currency, etc.

VIP Services

Travel Insurance - Firearm Insurance - Trophy Insurance - Global Rescue Insurance

Endorsed Products and Services

Savings from our Presnell Sporting Collection endorsed Products and Services.

Flexible Membership

Flexible Term Memberships to meet your interest.

Flexible Choices

An ever expanding selection of the Best Sporting Destinations in the World.

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