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In the spirit of giving back and sharing the incredible experiences that only the outdoors

can offer, we operate two outdoor charities: CATT Ministries Foundation (CMF) and our hunting charity Big Buck Boot Camp (3BC), a 501(C) (3). Each one is a not-for-profit charitable organization founded and operated by the owners of Presnell Sporting Collection. Each of our outdoor charities are committed to its God given mission to offer a venue where youth, veterans, those with disabilities, persons with terminal illness, and other non-profit organizations can come, learn, and experience nature. Participants enjoy a full range of hunting charity outdoor sporting activities and programs created to emphasize learning, sharing, wellness, and exploring in a context that has been carefully planned for safety and enjoyment with equipment and facilities designed for those with challenges.


The Foundation’s Outdoor Wish Program affords to individuals with a terminally ill

a precious opportunity to fulfill an outdoor aspiration or dream. Through the

association with Presnell Sporting Collection and the generosity of its Members and

other supporters, “Once In a Lifetime” experiences are had and dreams become



For more information on how you can get involved and/or support our outdoor charities, CATT Ministries Foundation (CMF) or our hunting charity Big Buck Boot Camp (3BC), please visit our website at CATT Ministries Foundation is a 501(C) (3) not-for-profit charitable organization, Fed Tax ID# 30-0060691





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Replacing Memories for Some, Creating New Memories for All.

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