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** NEW 2017 PLAN B OPTION **

**  Please call for Custom Business and Volume Pricing. **

 $995 Membership/

 Plan A - Standard Membership

$9,950 Membership 

10 Year PSC Membership

Unlimited Guest & Trips 

Packaged Itineraries 

No Minimum Use 

 $995 Annual Dues 

 VIP Services & Products

 Gold Membership Card

 Referral Credit 10%

 Annual Dues $995 

 $24,950 Membership

Lifetime PSC Membership

Unlimited Guest & Trips 

Packaged Itineraries 

Custom Itineraries

No Minimum Use

Hot List Deals 1st 

Member Gift

 $2,495 Annual Dues

VIP Services & Product Savings

Sporting Traveler Customer Service

Global Rescue Insurance Included

Legacy Membership Card

Referral Credit 10% 

Annual Dues $2,495

 $2,495 Membership/

 $995 Annual Dues


 $1,495 Membership/

 $695 Annual Dues

 $14,950 Membership

20 Year PSC Membership

Unlimited Guest & Trips 

Packaged Itineraries

Custom Itineraries 

No Minimum Use 

 $1,495 Annual Dues

VIP Services & Products Savings

Global Rescue Insurance Savings

Platinum Membership Card

Referral Credit 10%

Hot List Deals

Annual Dues  $1,495

Plan B - Optional Membership

 $495 Annual Dues

In the Plan A Standard (Original) Membership our cost for members reservations and services are passed on to our members whereby our revenue is limited only to the annual dues.  Members enjoy all the benefits, options services and extra perks we negotiate for our members at cost therefore enjoying all the savings of wholesale pricing. 

The Plan B Optional Membership is more affordable whereby you a fraction of the cost up front as well as much lower annual dues.  Members receive the same benefits, options, services and extra perks however we pass along a smaller portion of our reservation cost therefore we are making our revenue on the back end from the reservations rather than the membership sale up front for your benefit.

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