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I. BEST EXPERIENCES - Presnell Sporting Collection Members realize their sporting and travel dreams at only the best destinations in the world, each presenting a peerless, unrivaled experience. Our Members can reward indelible memories with family and friends, successfully entertain important clients and key employees, with full confidence the experience is the best in the world.


II. BEST ACCESS - It is our mission to make access to the best periods at the best sporting destinations a privilege that is reserved solely for Members of Presnell Sporting Collection.


III. BEST GUIDES - The Presnell Sporting Collection requires that our Members have their experiences enriched by access to only the very best field guide Pro Staff. These men and women have literally hundreds of years of combined experience in their respective disciplines. Their passion is placing our Members in a position where they will capture that trophy of a lifetime. Our internal proprietary index score requires guides to exceed expectations in knowledge of game, physical condition, background time as a guide, Member briefings, vigilance, attire, field techniques, equipment knowledge, treatment of working animals and downed game, and rapport with the Member. Whether you are a novice or an expert, our Guides have the training and passion required to insure your expectations for the sporting experience are exceeded.


IV. BEST LEGACY - A Presnell Sporting Collection Legacy Membership is perpetual. Members can pass their Legacy Membership on to future generations, insuring an unforgettable legacy. Our levels of Membership are transferable to immediate family members, and thereby also enable a Member to create a Legacy.


V. BEST SERVICES - Presnell Sporting Collection is committed to providing excellence to its Members. This commitment is embodied in the services we provide, which include:


Personal Reservation Services 

The trend in the industry is on-line booking. However, we strongly believe that our valued Members deserve individualized, professional service and that our Members’ particular needs cannot be met merely by the click of a mouse. There is no substitute for a live, passionate, and experienced consultant on the other line committed to providing the highest level of service and insuring every experience exceeds our Member’s expectations. While the Presnell Sporting Collection website is available as an informative and enjoyable tool, our Members also have easy and convenient access to Presnell Personal Reservation Services, staffed with knowledgeable travel consultants intimately familiar with the details of every sporting and travel experience presented and ready to answer all questions and otherwise aid Members in a turnkey, seamless process that begins with conveniently arranging all travel needs and culminates in an experience that meets or exceeds the Member’s expectations. Our Members avoid the inevitable frustrations associated with attempting to book a quintessential experience on-line and instead have ready access to a real professional that has been trained to serve as your personal outdoor assistant.


All Presnell Sporting Collection destinations include accommodations and experiences for 2 or more. All reservations are made on a first come, first serve, space available basis. Members are encouraged to contact Presnell Sporting Collection Personal Reservation Services early to assist with their planning. We recognize our individual Members and the principals of our Business and Corporate Memberships have hectic schedules, and we have carefully designed our Presnell Sporting Collection Memberships to meet personal and business objectives.

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The outdoor adventures are available at Presnell Sporting Collection destinations produce indelible, unforgettable memories. Membership is, therefore, the perfect medium for advancing a Members’ personal objectives and business goals. Sporting experiences are all about camaraderie. Our destinations for outdoor adventures will accommodate multiple people so that family, friends and key business relationships can be forged or maintained in an atmosphere of quality and excellence.  Memberships can be acquired by individuals, business and corporate entities. Depending on Membership Level our Members have full right to invite family members, employees, colleagues, customers, or friends to enjoy any of our outdoor adventure sporting experiences.  A Membership is secured by payment of Annual Dues. Thereafter, each Member pays the cost incurred for only those outdoor destinations that the Member reserves. Presnell Sporting Collection employs its purchasing power and contacts to negotiate the best terms providing the best adventure destinations. Members’ costs and services for experiences they select are less than what an individual Member would be required to pay if the experiences were even available.

Our principles, with decades of passion in the sporting arena and a track record of commercial real estate success, have utilized their contacts, business acumen, and purchasing power to secure access to the foremost outdoor destinations sporting experiences.  This outdoor destinations inventory is secured under contract and the contract states that, "If any specific  destination were to fail, default, or cease to meet the industry leading requirements of the Presnell Review of Excellence Index, then Presnell Sporting Collection reserves the right to suspend contracts and secure a replacement." Unlike clubs where the portfolio is encumbered by a mortgage, and thus subject to the risk of a default and the loss of that destination with no prospect for replacement, no such risk exists in Presnell Sporting Collection. If a Sporting Destination falters, a new destination meeting our exacting scoring requirements is substituted.  Presnell Sporting Collection has no debt.  The risks associated with debt and excessive leverage simply do not exist in the Presnell Sporting Collection outdoor destination model.


In summary, we present our Members with superlative sporting, and leisure travel outdoor destinations under a model that has been carefully designed to avoid risk and ensure satisfaction.

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Members are provided the key to entering a rarefied world where their sporting, and destination dreams are both easily accessed and seamlessly fulfilled. We proudly present the Presnell Sporting Collection Big Five. The Big Five substantiates our unwavering commitment to insuring our Members’ expectations are met or exceeded.

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Outdoor Destinations

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all inclusive fishing vacations, Outdoor vacations
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