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Frequently Asked Travel Questions

How long after becoming a PSC Member do I have to wait to book my first trip?

Under the Rules and Regulations, a Membership becomes effective upon payment of the Deposit or Fee that is provided for in the Membership Agreement. At that time, a Member can actually book their first trip. Accordingly, the general rule under the Rules and Regulations is that a Member may make full use of the privilege to book experiences upon full payment of the Deposit or Fee provided for in the Membership Agreement. 


How many trips and how far in advance can I make reservations?

It's one of the most frequently asked questions. Presnell Sporting Collection Members are free at any time to request as many trips as they want for purposes of planning their sporting travel experiences as far into the future as our affiliated venues allow. Members are encouraged to call our World Reservation Services and plan their trips as far in advance as possible. 


Can I bring my children with me?

Yes. However, the current guidelines provide that no minor will be permitted to check-in for a Presnell Sporting Collection experience unless accompanied by an adult. Any person under the age of 21 will be considered a minor. As stated, that is the basic rule. However, if there are special circumstances, Members are encouraged to contact Presnell Worldwide Reservation Services to process a request for a waiver of this requirement. 

Are there cancellation provisions?

We secure the very best terms at each of its affiliated venues. This includes the most favorable cancellation provisions. Accordingly, our Members have the most lenient cancellation provisions that each of our venues makes available. In the event of a cancellation, you will contact our World Reservation Services. We will then review the current cancellation provisions that apply to our Members. We will assist the Member in canceling any reservation in accordance with those terms and securing all refunds to which the Member is entitled. 

A Member Exchange Program and “Hot List” for special inventory available from our Venues and/or Members in case of a cancellation is available on our Website.


Can I go to the same venue twice in the same year?
Yes. One of the frequently asked travel questions is if you can go twice to the same venue. Members can visit a Presnell Sporting Collection Venue as many times in a season as time is available to reserve experiences at that Venue.


Will new Venues options be added?
Yes. It is our intention to add new venues each year. In connection with this process, we will rely heavily upon Member request. 


Does my Global Rescue membership cover me outside of Presnell Sporting Collection?

Yes. Your Global Rescue membership is active for use if a Member is more than 160 miles from their main residence or business. It does not matter if the Member is on a Presnell Sporting Collection trip or not.


Can I make reservations on-line?
Members will book their trip by calling the Presnell Sporting Collection World Reservation Services and personally speaking with our Reservation Specialist.  You may reserve one of our featured destinations online.


What type of criteria does Presnell Sporting Collection adhere too in its inspection process of an affiliated Venue?
We use a proprietary 200 point index that takes into account all aspects of a Venue’s offering, from accommodations, food and beverage, service, guide practices, amenities to trophy quality. These inspections are maintained on an on going basis to insure Member satisfaction. For specific travel questions contact us.


What if I have food allergies and need to have special dietary needs met when I travel?

Members should inform their Reservation Specialist about any special dietary travel questions they have. The Venue will be notified and the Member’s needs will be met.


What do I do if I miss a flight or a flight is canceled?
First, RELAX. Check with your air carrier first to see when you can catch the next earliest flight to your final destination. Second, call your Reservation Specialist and allow them to help you get your trip finalized.


Do I have to pay for concierge services?
It's one of our frequently asked travel questions. There is no charge to access the concierge and process requests for specific services or needs. When the concierge meets or otherwise satisfies a specific request, there is then a cost for those requests. The cost is the Member’s responsibility. The cost for these requests will be provided to the Member before any charges, and the Member’s consent or acceptance will be secured in advance.


Who do I contact if I have specific gear and/or equipment questions?
The Member should first check the Members only section of the website, which will contain gear and equipment information for each venue. If the Member still has questions, then the Member is encouraged to contact a Reservation Specialist. 

If I’m new to a certain area of sporting interest is there someone who can educate me for the experience?
Presnell Sporting Collection Reservation Specialists and Member Service Representatives are exceptional and passionate sportsman. They will spend whatever time is necessary with a Member to answer travel questions and to insure each Member is fully informed and comfortable with any outdoor experience. 


Can additional experiences be purchased while at a Presnell Sporting Collection Venue?
Yes. Additional experiences may be purchased at our Venues in accordance with the terms and policy published by that Venue. Members will be quoted a price by the Venue Owner or guide and will settle their additional charges onsite at the end of their experience with the Venue.

In the event there is an experience not currently offered by Presnell Sporting Collection what are my other choices?

Contact your Member Services representative. They will use their contacts to find a suitable venue. 

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