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Our Firearm Insurance protects your guns 24/7 against theft, damage, mysterious disappearance and breakage. All for a very reasonable annual premium. You should never travel without it.


Your guns, accessories and other equipment that you carry with your gun and use in hunting, including custom work, are covered against theft and damage world-wide. Actual replacement value coverage is available for guns, scopes, cases, holsters, extra stocks, barrels and binoculars used with your firearm. Unlike most other gun insurance programs our Firearm Insurance is primary insurance and offers full value, worldwide coverage.


Our exclusive, members-only gun insurance program has been exercised for over 15 years. This important insurance program is managed for Presnell Sporting Collection by experienced professionals with over 30 years of insurance experience. You can rest assured that our professionals understand your passion and are active shooters along with big game hunters as well.

World class full protection firearm insurance policies to protect your firearm during your hunting trip experience.

Firearm Insurance

Gun Insurance

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Gun Insurance Benefits

Gun Insurance Benefits Include:

  • World-Wide, All-Risk Coverage

  • No Appraisals or Receipts (in most cases)

  • No Waiting Period

  • Below Market Rates

  • No Deductible

  • Full Replacement Value (items currently manufactured must be insured at current list price)

  • Annual Policy (full 12 months of coverage) 

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