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If you were gored by a Cape buffalo? Or suffered a gunshot wound? What if you become ill while miles from nowhere on a remote river?

Presnell Sporting Collection is concerned with the travel protection, safety and well-being of its members and has partnered with Global Rescue to provide access to the finest of emergency evacuation insurance services.

Our Endorsed Service Partner, Global Rescue, is the only travel protection evacuation provider that will perform a field travel rescue, no matter where you are on the planet. Time after time, their medical staff has performed missions that other companies could not or would not undertake for their members.  Memberships can cover the individual or family members.  Coverage runs by the week, bi-weekly, monthly or annually with pricing beginning at $119!  

Priceless benefits that provide travel protection on your vacation and trip no matter where you are in the world, if you're in need of an emergency evacuation or help.

Emergency Evacuation

Travel Protection

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Global Rescue offers helicopter rescue medical evacuation services that no other worldwide evacuation service is capable of. First and foremost for sportsmen is the unique Field Rescue capability. Teams of special operations personnel, paramedics and networks of helicopters are deployable anywhere to rescue members at the point of injury. Helicopter rescue services can transport members to an initial hospital for stabilization, and then evacuate them back home via private, medically equipped, CAMTS – accredited aircraft. 

Helicopter Rescue

Through an exclusive relationship with Johns Hopkins Medicine, our emergency evacuation insurance members are provided with the expertise of some of the world’s finest travel rescue physicians. Transportation to the member’s home hospital of choice is provided at no cost to any member who has a condition requiring hospitalization and is at least 160 miles from home. In addition to the travel rescue and evacuation services for medical emergencies, Global Rescue also provides evacuations for security related reasons, such as war, civil unrest or natural disasters utilizing the same military special forces teams, helicopter rescue and fixed wing air assets used for field rescues and medical evacuations.

Travel Rescue

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