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Whether you plan on traveling in North America, South Africa, or anywhere in the world, overseas travel insurance is a necessary compliment to any well-planned adventure. Because of our specialization and years of experience in this industry, we realize the issues of hunting in today’s global societies and the need for trip insurance. From global terrorism, to the realignment of Eastern Europe and Asia, to the on going changes in Africa and the Middle East, today’s sporting traveler must be aware of the myriad of overall challenges one can face. We are committed to being proactive on a worldwide basis, and for that reason we have partnered with Lechner and Stauffer Insurance Agency for overseas travel insurance solutions.

Security in modern vacation travel insurance for your trip locally and overseas .... it's trip insurance for the modern world.

Vacation Travel Insurance

Overseas Travel Insurance

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For over 30 years Lechner and Stauffer Vacation Insurance has been one of the most sought after companies of sporting travelers. Their reputation combined with a customer-centric approach has made them a cornerstone in the vacation insurance industry. Their in depth knowledge of world travel has enabled them to provide unparalleled emergency travel assistance to customers of leading travel agencies, airlines, tour operators and other travel suppliers. Contact us for specific vacation travel insurance requests.

Vacation Insurance

As an Endorsed Service Partner, Lechner and Stauffer has tailored this exclusive hunting insurance program to include “hunting specific” needs such as a destination government banning the hunting of specific animals, or a destination governmental closure of a hunting concession or reserve. With a solid reputation for standing with their hunting insurance client, you can rest in the fact that your money spent on travel will be reimbursed to you should there be a cancelation or disruption.

Benefits include trip insurance Cancellation/Interruption, 24 Hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance, Pre-Existing Conditions waiver, and evacuation from anywhere in the world.

These vacation insurance services are available whenever there is an official government declaration to evacuate the area or the member faces grievous bodily harm. These hunting insurance security services are absolutely essential for hunters traveling to areas where the potential for uprising, violence or natural disaster becomes a concern.

Hunting Insurance

hunting insurance
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