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Presnell Sporting Collection is a WorldWide Membership Club that specializes in sporting destinations. We're one of the only full service hunting and fishing Membership Clubs in the world, offering unparalleled quality and experience. We provide guided trips for hunting and fishing destinations. Presnell Sporting Collection provides the key to entering an exciting world where your hunting, fishing and destination dreams are easily fulfilled.

Lodge Designations "Something for Everyone"

luxury hunting lodges

Our Elite Sporting Designations are available for those discerning travelers who demand the absolute finest in atmosphere, decorum, and amenities. Elite Sporting Destinations have no peers in terms of lodging, terrain, service, furnishings, cuisine, and appointments and can only be described as extravagant in all details and particulars providing peerless outdoor adventures exceeding our exacting 200 plus point Review of Excellence scoring requirements. 

Our Classic Sporting Designations provide peerless outdoor adventures meeting our exacting 200 plus point Review of Excellence scoring requirements for quality of service, overall guest experience, sporting and leisure environment, lodging, amenities, food and beverage, trophy quality, abundance of game, field guides, and all other important categories providing a comfortable environment for our main stream members. 

Our Choice Sporting Designations are quality experiences that are more economical for the sportsman who is wanting to stretch his dollar to potentially do more trips a year, without giving up quality of game, guides and decorum and who does not require more extensive amenities and services

Hunting Destinations

Adventure Hunts

Presnell Sporting Collection hunting destinations offer a wide range of hunting experiences; including Big Game, Upland Game and Waterfowl. Presnell Sporting Collection offers best experience, best options, best services and best guides.  Enjoy the best of sporting destinations.

Big Game Hunting

Presnell Sporting Collection is a medium of access to the absolute pinnacle of worldwide sporting travel experiences through our hunting destinations. We offer big game hunts such as rocky mountain elk, trophy red stag, and the African Big 5 or plains game and much more. Click big game hunting pictures above for more options.


Upland Game Hunting

Presnell Sporting collection hunting destinations are customized and part of our exclusive membership benefits. Members have access to our exclusive collection of hunting destinations that meet your requirements. We offer upland game hunting such as quail and pheasant, Argentina wing shooting, and many other options both domestic and international. Click the upland game pictures above to browse more Upland Game options.


Waterfowl Hunting

Presnell Sporting Collection Waterfowl hunting continues to be popular among novice and beginners alike. Our collection offers bird hunting destinations such as guided hunting for all species of waterfowl on the US central flyway and most all South American species and many other exciting destinations. Click the waterfowl hunting pictures above to visit possibilities.

Fishing Destinations

Adventure Fishing Trips

Presnell Sporting Collection fishing adventures offer the finest fresh and saltwater fishing destinations.  Our principles have a passion for the outdoors that drives us to continually seek out new outdoor fishing experiences.  Enjoy catching many different salt and freshwater species at our unique destinations

Freshwater Fishing

Our fishing destinations have been carefully selected on the basis of the experience offered, seasonality, geography, and most importantly, destinations of nonpareil quality.  By joining Presnell Sporting Collection you will have the opportunity to enjoy freshwater fishing where we cater to both the fly-fishermen and the traditional tackle folks alike. Presnell Sporting Collection provides the finest freshwater fishing destinations. Click on the freshwater picture above for more options.


Saltwater Fishing 

Presnell Sporting Collection is where you come to make those fishing adventure memories and create those tall tales to tell to your friends! Fishing destinations are part of our exclusive, membership service offerings where we specialize in adventures for the avid or novice fishing enthusiast. Our saltwater fishing destinations include everything you will need to catch that trophy of a lifetime. Click on the saltwater fishing picture above for more options.

Visit our 501(c)3 not for profits and tactical training center by clicking on the logos above.

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