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A sampling list of Presnell Sporting Collection guided upland bird hunting trips and hunting getaways.

Upland Bird Hunting

Upland Game Hunting

“The rush that comes when faced with the color and cackle of the ring-necked pheasant has scant rivals.  Few sights stir a sportsman’s heart more than this ground-hugging rooster as it finally flushes upward out of the tall grass and into your shotgun sight” This is just one sportsman’s description of his upland game hunting experience with Presnell Sporting Collection. You're guaranteed to make memories you won't forget at our hunting resorts with breathtaking scenery. Presnell Sporting Collection offers upland bird hunting trips in vast plains or rolling hills, whatever your thirst for adventure is, you'll find it here. 


Below is an example list of upland game hunting vacation destinations.

Hunted Game

Bobwhite Quail

Ring Neck Pheasants

Chukar, Valley Quail, Huns, and Pheasant


African Olive Pigeon


Vacation Destination


South Dakota


Cordoba Argentina

South Africa

Pompa Region Argentina

Hunting Season

October - March

September - March

September - March

January - December

June - October

June - August

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